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Знижка 5% на Windows 10 Professional Get Genuine Solution 01.11.2016 - Знижка 5% на Windows 10 Professional Get Genuine Solution

Інформуємо вас, що з 01.11.2016 діє акція для комерційних замовників середнього та малого бізнесу на продукт для легалізації.

Интересуют Civil 3D? AutoCAD? Maya? 21.03.2016 - Интересуют Civil 3D? AutoCAD? Maya?

C 21 марта по условиям Промо «Пользуйтесь дольше – покупайте дешевле!» при покупке новой годовой и многолетней временной лицензии предоставляется скидка от стоимости временной лицензии.

Corel: акция для рекламных агентств 15.12.2015 - Corel: акция для рекламных агентств

В период с 10 декабря 2015 по 10 февраля 2016 года действуют специальные цены для предприятий рекламной индустрии: данные организации имеют право закупки коммерческих лицензий CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 со скидкой 30% от действующего прайс-листа.

Подарки при покупке RAD Studio, Delphi или C++Builder 10 16.11.2015 - Подарки при покупке RAD Studio, Delphi или C++Builder 10

Купите RAD Studio, Delphi или C++Builder 10 Architect и получите VCL RAD Solution Pack БЕСПЛАТНО!.

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Adobe InCopy CC

17020,08 грн.
Get everyone on the same page. With InCopy® CC, writers, editors, and designers can work simultaneously on a single document without overwriting each other's contributions. Now with support for Retina displays, new ways to find fonts quickly, and other features to help you work smoothly. If you have a Creative Cloud™ membership, you can save InCopy files to the cloud so you can work from anywhere.

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A more connected InCopy

NEW A more connected InCopy

lnCopy® CC is part of Creative Cloud™. That means you have access to all the latest updates and future releases the moment they're available. You also get 20GB of cloud storage for backup and sharing. Sharpen your skills and master new tools with a rich library of training videos. With Sync Fonts, you can quickly find the perfect font from the growing Adobe® Typekit® library, sync it to your system, and start using it right away. Learn more ›

Parallel collaborative workflow

InCopy integrates tightly with Adobe InDesign® to let writers, editors, and designers work simultaneously on a single document without overwriting one another's contributions.

NEW Modern UI

InCopy has a sleek new look. Now you control the brightness of the user interface so you can see your layouts more clearly.

NEW HiDPI and Retina display support

From text to complex artwork, every element of your design will have greater clarity and vibrancy thanks to support for the high-resolution Retina display on the new MacBook Pro.

NEW Font search enhancements

Find the perfect font — fast. Search for any portion of a font name. Mark your favorites to display only those fonts. Quickly find the right font for your layout by using the arrow keys to browse through fonts and see each one applied to your selected text.

NEW Adobe Exchange panel

Adobe Exchange is a great source for extensions, plug-ins, templates, and more. Some resources are free; others are available to buy. All have been created to bring extra functionality to InCopy.

Flexible page views

Edit in the view most suited to your current task. Galley View displays 100% accurate line breaks. Story View gives you faster word processing. And Layout View lets you edit text in context.

Precise copyfitting

View copyfit information as you work. Constant visual feedback shows you how much space remains — or how far you're overset. You can easily track story depth, as well as line, word, and character counts.

NEW Sync Fonts

Sync Fonts — part of Creative Cloud — will change the way you work with type. Quickly find the perfect font from the growing library of Adobe Typekit® fonts, sync it to your system, and have it immediately available for use.

NEW Sharing with Creative Cloud

With the Save to Cloud command, your files (including layers) are accessible on any device. Share them with team members or clients. Changes are tracked, so you can always access previous versions.


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